Luxury Cruise Holidays

“Your Mate Can” is a passionate and dedicated concierge team with many years of experience working with luxury cruise lines. 

They will tailor your cruise holiday to meet your exact requirements and take care of every aspect. We can arrange shore excursions according to your needs.

If you need someone to look after your home or animals while you’re away, “Your Mate Can” can organise that for you. We want you to enjoy your cruise without worrying about your home.

OnShore Excursions & Activities

“While other companies sell cruises and other forms of travel, we focus exclusively on you to provide the best shore excursions. 

We utilise our expertise to select the highest quality shore excursions delivered by local experts in the most cost-effective manner for our customers. 

Since we are not a large cruise line catering to thousands of customers per day, our cruise excursion packages allow you to travel in much smaller groups, offering a more personalised experience. 

We offer numerous unique cruise excursions that cannot be purchased from the cruise line.

We encourage you to browse through our wide variety of excursions or call us for personal advice.”



Active Shore Excursions for an unforgettable adventure!

Our passionate team offers thrilling experiences for all ages and skill levels, from exploring underwater worlds to hiking through breathtaking landscapes.

Our knowledgeable guides provide safe and exciting one-of-a-kind experiences that can't be found anywhere else.

Experience the world in a whole new way – book with us today!


Are you bored of normal holidays? My Mate Can has exciting experiences for adventurous travellers.

Choose heart-racing activities or a peaceful nature retreat. We have trips such as zip-lining through the forests in Costa Rico, or scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Our tours are also led by local experts who can teach you about each destination's unique culture and landscape.

Why have an ordinary trip when you can make it unforgettable with Shore Excursions?


When we travel, it's cool to learn about the different ways of life in the places we visit.

Cultural shore excursions are a great way to do that. You get to experience the unique things that make a place special, like visiting historical sites or trying local foods.

You can do all sorts of activities that help you learn about the culture. These excursions help you understand the place and its people better.

It's worth considering adding a cultural shore excursion to your next trip if you want to have a more meaningful travel experience.

Best Food

On our cruise ships, you can enjoy fancy dining that is a highlight of the experience.
Our kitchen team creates delicious menus using local foods and flavors that represent the places we visit.
When you get off the ship, you can explore more food options, like street markets or fancy restaurants.
Whether you like local food or international cuisine, you will find amazing dishes to try.
So, take a journey with your taste buds and enjoy the tasty treats on board and on land. You will not be disappointed!


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VIP Luxury

With MY MATE CAN, you will be treated like VIP the moment you contact us.
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